Eastern Roman Traditional Christmas Carols

NovoScriptorium celebrates Christmas and shares the best traditional Eastern Roman Christmas carols with its readers! Love, Health, Enlightment, Happiness, Blessings for you all! Christ is born! Continue reading “Eastern Roman Traditional Christmas Carols”

Constantine the Great and the significance of his reign

The cultural and religious crisis through which the Roman Empire was passing in the fourth century is one of the most significant events in the history of the world. The old pagan culture came into collision with Christianity, which received official recognition during the reign of Constantine at the beginning of the fourth century and was declared the dominant State religion by Theodosius the Great at the end of that same century. Continue reading “Constantine the Great and the significance of his reign”

The (Eastern Roman) Princess Theophano; introducing the fork into Europe

By Laura Diaz-Arnesto

With the arrival of the Macedonian dynasty to the imperial throne (ruled from 867 to 1056), the Byzantine Empire reached its height both on political and cultural grounds. The cities of the Empire expanded, the population rose, and production increased. Culturally, there was considerable growth in education and learning. Ancient texts were preserved and patiently re-copied. Byzantine art flourished, and brilliant mosaics graced the interiors of the many new churches. Continue reading “The (Eastern Roman) Princess Theophano; introducing the fork into Europe”

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