Klaus Kenneth: “Born to Hate Reborn to Love: A Spiritual Odyssey from Head to Heart”

Klaus Kenneth, Born to Hate Reborn to Love: A Spiritual Odyssey from Head to Heart, Mount Thabor: 2012

“More than half of my life has been spent searching for love and truth, and the physical distance covered during my spiritual quest involved travelling around the globe many times over. I have passed through India, Tibet and Thailand, and the Muslim countries of Persia (Iran), Afghanistan, Morocco and Malaysia. I have been to Alaska, Mexico and Brazil, trying out different philosophies, including Communism, atheism and hippie culture. For several years I investigated the Eastern religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and American Indian spirituality. At other times, I was involved in the underworld of drugs and took mind-blowing steps into Esotericism and the Occult. Nothing however could fill the emptiness in my soul, until the day I found myself facing seven guns. Only then did I have a dramatic and personal encounter with the Unknown God and was saved in quite a miraculous way.


I had always run away from God, from people, and from myself. This was a journey through hell, full of hatred and death, until I could face the truth of who I really was.

I heard the name of Jesus mentioned many times and just as many times I rejected and denied Him. I had no need of Him… or so I thought. Now, loved of a certainty by this very same God and surrounded by His grace, I find myself relating and singing of the love of Jesus, incredible and wondrous.

There may be a reluctance to read this story for some, when they hear the name of Christ, considering things of this kind as but an “illness of the mind”. But one who is genuinely striving to discover the truth will read these pages with close attention and  joy, and see how alive God is, and with how much love He protects each one of us, day by day, as we make our way through life”

(From book’s Preface)

Klaus Kenneth’s book is a fascinating journey from hate to love, from misery to joy; finally, from Catholicism and Protestantism to the light of Orthodox spirituality. By this testimony, he proves that Christ is the answer to our request, and God finally is waiting for our return.

In his work, he offers to modern western readers some new dimensions about Christian spirituality, the Orthodox ones. By his essential experience, he gives real solutions instead of other pseudospiritual practices.

(Source: http://pemptousia.com/2014/03/klaus-kenneth-born-to-hate-reborn-to-love-a-spiritual-odyssey-from-head-to-heart/)

(NovoScriptorium: We propose our readers to see the following Video of Klaus Kenneth – Interview in English)

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