Hyperion: there has been an astronomer before the Cataclysm, Greek Mythology suggests

We receive the information from the first volume of ‘Ogygia‘ by Athanasios Stageiritis*, p.236, Chapter I, ‘About Hyperion‘.


In Greek: «Ο Υπερίων, υιός του Ουρανού και της Γης, και εις των Τιτάνων, έλαβε γυναίκα την αδελφήν αυτού Θείαν, ή κατ’ άλλους την Βασίλειαν, και εγέννησε την Ηώ, τον Ήλιον και την Σελήνην. Ή κατ’ άλλους, μόνον τον Ήλιον και την Σελήνην. Αλλ’ επειδή η Βασίλεια ηθέτησε την μετά των αδελφών αυτής συνθήκην, και υπανδρεύθη, οι Τιτάνες εφθόνησαν τον Υπερίονα, και δια την υπανδρείαν, και δια την καλλιτεκνίαν, και συνομώσαντες κατέσφαξαν αυτόν. Τον δε υιόν αυτού Ήλιον έπνιξαν. Μαθούσα δε ταύτα και η Σελήνη εφονεύθη.

Ο Υπερίων λέγουσιν, ότι παρετήρησε τας κινήσεις του Ηλίου και της Σελήνης, και των άλλων Άστρων, και διέταξε τους καιρούς του χρόνου, κατά την Ατλαντείων Θεογονίαν»

In English: «Hyperion, the son of Uranus and Gaea, and one of the Titans, received as wife his sister Theia, or, according to others, Vasileia, and gave birth to Eos, Helios and Selene. Or, according to others, only Helios and Selene. But because she violated the agreement  with her siblings and got married, the Titans hated/envied Hyperion; for this marriage, for the good children the couple gave birth to, they conspired and slaughtered him. His son Helios was also strangulated by them. When Selene learned about these (murders), they killed her, too.

They say that Hyperion observed the motions of the Sun and the Moon, and the other Stars, and he ordered the times of the year, according to the Atlanteans’ Theogony»

NovoScriptorium: The ‘era of the Titans’ refers to very ancient times; the ancient Greeks believed it referred to times before the so-called ‘Cataclysm’. Hyperion is not only said to have studied/observed the movements of the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars, but “ordered the times of the year”, that is, he studied and recorded / defined the astronomical seasons of the year and probably several other things that all this observation / study includes. The “conventional” view of history considers that ancient Greeks have not systematically studied the sky until the classical years, and that –so it is speculated- they somewhere then received their initial, organized knowledge from other -foreign- peoples. We believe that nobody can view as ‘reasonable’ the fact that, soon after, very quickly actually, they evolved this Science better than their supposed teachers! Here we see that the Greek Mythology itself (= ‘History before the Cataclysm’, for Aristotle) ​​categorically rejects this approach and suggests that organized observation of the sky and the various celestial bodies took place among the Greeks in very ancient times; ‘before the Cataclysm’ = ‘during the era of the Titans’ = ‘during Mythological times’.

Research-Translation-Comments: Philaretus Homerides

*Athanasios Stageiritis was Professor of Greek Language at the Caesar’s Royal academy of Eastern languages Austria, Vienna (in German: Kaiserlich-königliche Akademie für Orientalische Sprachen). His memorable five-book work ‘Ogygia’ was first published in Vienna during 1815. Up to here, the information about the author is historically documented. There also exists the following rumour (it is not something confirmed and historically documented, as far as we know): When Napoleon captured the Vatican, he confiscated some of the many books that exist there so that they are studied by French Professors. Among them, at the time, was the Greek Athanasios Stageiritis. After Napoleon’s defeat, the books were returned to the Vatican. The work ‘Ogygia’ is supposed to have been written -when he was indeed in Vienna- based on the notes of Stageiritis from those books. It is true though that Stageiritis refers to some ancient books and information that have not yet been published for all of us to read and analyze. Perhaps this ‘Vatican story’ is an explanation for this. But it is one thing we cannot be sure about.

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