Wulfilas and the conversion of Goths to Arianism

Towards the middle of the fourth century a great warrior arose among the Ostrogoths, by the name Hermanric, who seems to have created a Gothic empire which lasted for a few years and secured him a place in Teutonic legend. Continue reading “Wulfilas and the conversion of Goths to Arianism”

694 CE: Visigoth King Enslaves the Jews

On November 9, 694, C.E., the Seventeenth Council of Toledo convened, in the eponymous capital of Visigoth Spain, and passed a wide-ranging series of restrictions on the Jews of the kingdom. The rules and prohibitions were a continuation of an ongoing effort to lessen the influence of Jews and their religion on society, but ratcheted the pressure on the Jews up a notch by adding a new, political rationale for the measures. Continue reading “694 CE: Visigoth King Enslaves the Jews”

The Germans to 476 A.D. – Battle of Adrianople – The Visigothic kingdom

Our earliest notice of the Germans is found in the “Commentaries” by Julius Caesar, who twice invaded their country. About a century and a half later the Roman historian, Tacitus, wrote a little book called “Germany”, which gives an account of the people as they were before coming under the influence of Rome and Christianity. Continue reading “The Germans to 476 A.D. – Battle of Adrianople – The Visigothic kingdom”

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